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the nature of boats insights and esoterica for the nautically obsessed

Подготовка команды на парусной яхте Полный видеокурс обучения яхтингу Бесплатные уроки яхтинга дома

5 Reasons not to buy a boat! - Sailing Q&A 23 Boats go wrong all the time: they kill relationships, are never clean, change the way you look, and eat money!

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Inside Jensen Motor

the future of pension management: integrating design, governance, and investing (wiley finance)

The Future of Pension Management: Keith Ambachtsheer Speaker: Keith Ambachtsheer, Adjunct Professor of Finance and Director Emeritus, International Center for Pension Management, ...

The Future of Pension Management: Jacquie McNish and Keith Ambachtsheer Jacquie McNish, Senior Correspondent - Canada, The Wall Street Journal; Co-Author, "The Third Rail: Confronting Canada's ...

Successful pension fund manager

the energy revolution

Why 2016 Could Be a Turning Point the Energy Revolution Coal, nuclear, natural gas, renewables, and oil are all going head-to-head for dominance of the energy market - will we see a shift ...

The energy revolution - VPRO documentary - 2012 Original Title: Power to the people
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the healing art of cupping

How Cupping Works Cupping is a treatment that can come with some big benefits. But it can help to learn a bit more before adding something new ...

The healing practice of cupping Cupping, an ancient Chinese healing practice, is known for speeding up muscle recovery and improves blood circulation.


the essence of the old testament a survey

The Essence of the Bible- Old Testament Survey Ever wonder what the Bible is all about? Join us for this study series that explores the major stories of the Bible from Genesis to ...

A Survey of the Old Testament Video Lectures - Chapter 1: Andrew E. Hill and John H. Walton